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Welcome to Alaska, her golden history and our life.  We, my husband Sam & I, thank you for taking the time to stop and visit our pages. We both feel we were born 100 years too late, but we have been able to experience the end of the great northern gold rushes. We would like to share some of the gold rush history with you as well as some of our own experiences in the goldfields of interior Alaska.  We hope you will enjoy your visit.

The nuggets you will be seeing here are natural gold nuggets, mined in the historic 40-Mile Mining District of Interior Alaska.  They are just as they come from the stream, unique and individual. No two are exactly alike, and we do not pound, cut, file, or shape them in any way.

Their gold content will average 21-22 Kt., and we try very hard to match them up when making earrings and multi-nugget necklaces and bracelets.  While the styles are similar, all pendents, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tie tacs and rings will vary in weight, shape, size, texture and price.  I make all of our jewelry in our retail store, Jack Wade Gold Co., in Tok, Alaska.  I am a Graduate Gemologist, and goldsmith, and I do a great deal of custom work for clients all over the world.

If you do not see something you like, or you have a special design in mind, I am confident that we can design a piece, or set, that you will be proud to wear. I also do gold nugget jewelry repair, so if you are already lucky enough to own a piece of nugget jewelry and it is in need of repair, I will be happy to do the needed repairs.

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